A Heaven So Fine - [SATB div., Piano]

Adoro te, Devote [SATB div., a cappella]

Blessing[SATB div., a cappella]

Blow, Blow Thou Winter Wind - [SSATBB, a cappella]

Come, Sleep - [SATB div., piano]

Cradle Song -[SATB div., fl./ob./clar]

Duo Seraphim - [SSATBB div., a cappella]

Goin' Home - [SATB, Baritone solo, a cappella]

Greater Love[SATB, piano]

Home - [SSATB, piano]

How Dare You - [SATB div., piano]

How Like a Winter[SSATBB, a cappella]

Il Pleure Dans Mon Coeur - [SATB div., cello]

In Pace - [SATB div., a cappella]

La Mia Pregheira - [SATB div., a cappella]

Mélodies de la Rose - [SATB div., a cappella]

i. Rose de la Terre
ii. Rose Ronde

O Nata Lux - [SATB div., a cappella]

Oft Have I Vow'd - [SATB, trumpet, piano]

Soneto[SATB div., piano]

Soul's War - [SATB div, a cappella]

Spark of Light - [SAB, piano

Specks of Earth[SATB, piano, flute]

i. Stray Birds

ii. The Desert

iii. O Sky, O Sea

iv. Leaves

v. O Moon

vi. The Stars

vii. Shadow

viii. Fields

ix. Love

Spells of Herrick - [SATB div., piano]

i. Incantation

ii. Charms

There is A Gift - [SATB div., a cappella]

Your Love Lifts My Soul - [SSATBB, a cappella]


Abendlied - [SSAA, a cappella]

Lights - [SSAA, piano]

Rock Me to Sleep - [SSA, piano, djembe]

The Marvel of Trees - [SSA, piano, flute]

The Parting Glass - [SSA, a cappella]

The Water is Wide - [SSA, piano]

Witches' Hex - [SSA, piano]


Alleluia - [TTBB, djembe]

Fatigue - [TTBB div., a cappella]

In the Silence of the Night - [TBB, piano]

Nada te, Turbe - [TBB, percussion]

Paradisum - [TB, piano]

Spark of Light - [TBB, piano]


Song for the Tide - [saxophone octet]