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I'm interested in commissioning but am not sure what to do.
Commissioning a work is an exciting process to go through.  Once you've settled on the decision to invest in a new work what's next?
1. Contact the composer
  • Send an email to with the subject "Commission Inquiry"
  • I will want to know as much information as possible when first considering. Providing all the surrounding details of the commission will give me better insight to your potential project!
  • Budget, occasion, and timeline are all important elements when creating a new work.  The spectrum of commission costs can vary greatly depending on a myriad of variables.  Be open to a dialogue surrounding the cost.  If budget is a concern, splitting the cost with another ensemble is another alternative to funding a commission.
2. Go in with the understanding that the creative process is uncontrollable
  • Providing composers with details surrounding the commission is their way of preparing to write an appropriate work for your occasion.  
  • Love the unexpected and trust the composer (you did contact them, after all).  One of the most beautiful aspects of commissioning is taking control of the artistic expression of the work.  Being the first to perform a work comes with a host of experiences and emotions - tackle them head on and take charge of the fulfillment of the world premiere!
3. So we've come to an agreement on the project.  Now what?
  • Sit back, relax and enjoy!  Know that the typical window between commissioning and having the work in your hands is anywhere from 3-5 months.
  • A contract and invoice will be distributed to the commissioning party following the agreement to follow through with the project.  Information, such as, the dedication at the top of the score are left to the commissioning party's discretion.
  • Many composers have their own way to handling the finances for a commission.  For me, I ask that 50% of the commissioning fee be provided at the front end of the project.  Following the submission of the score to you, the remaining cost will be paid.  
*Disclaimer* - Submissions with specific texts will not be considered.  While the thought is appreciated, the composer's job is to find a text that suits your work.  
I look forward to hearing from you!
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