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"Duo Seraphim" is a sonic portrait of two angels clamoring over one another about whose praises and glories are being shouted loudest.  The piece is like a train barreling down the tracks at full speed.  I believe we can all identify with these two angels in that we are often times caught in conversations where we aren't listening to each other but are saying the same thing.  As the angels' shouting reaches its apex, they unify their shouts of glory at the end into one electric clamor.  


Duo seraphim clamabant alter ad alterum:                     Two Seraphim cried out to one another:

Sanctus, sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth                       "Holy is the Lord God of Sabaoth

Plena est omnis terra gloria eius. Alleluia!"                      The whole earth is full of thy glory. Alleluia!"

Voicing: SSAATB, a cappella


Status: Published by Walton Music (GIA)


Premiered by Dallas Chamber Choir (TCDA, July 2019)

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