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The role of family, friends, mentors, and other loved ones will always have a lasting impacting on our lives.  When they leave us for another world, it’s difficult to find the beauty in departure and new adornment in the heaven’s above. 


Centering on Romeo’s passing, Juliet describes how fine the heavens will be adorned by the stars that Romeo has become.  While the text associates death with a heavenly presence after passing, A Heaven So Fine celebrates life and eternal love.  Juliet’s monologue conveys how beautiful heaven will be when adorned with Romeo’s face.  Her spectrum of emotions (yearning, despair, complete release) truly shows the experience of love and loss of a loved one.  Only when she accepts Romeo’s death is the weight of reality finally absolved (“And pay no worship”).  Like levees giving way, the sonorous texture should overflow with rich sound and emotion.








Voicing: SSATB and piano


Status: Unpublished


Written for Pop-Up Choir #5 (April 2016)


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