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Commissioned by the Chancel Choir, First Congregational United Church of Christ (Eau Claire, WI)

Dr. Christopher G. McGinley, Director/ Dr. Rev. Mark X. Pirazzini, Minister


Angele is the manifestation of what looks out for us beyond our Earthly sight.  God’s angels and God himself watching out for our every move, thought, action; tending to our struggles – mental, physical, spiritual.  While we claim to be in control and make our best decisions, we are unknowingly always guided by these guardians who ensure our safe keeping.  Even at times when we feel like the “wrong” action or outcome was achieved, we need to know and trust the larger picture at work and not be discouraged when our “plan” seems to be going in the complete opposite direction we intended – trust the unknowing hands and angels guiding our journey.



Servant of all the sky, Guard of my soul and mind,
Lend me your strength, steady my plight,

Usher this lost heart through the night.


Guide all ill away, Grant us another day

Lift our prayers to soar, we say,


Angele Dei                        Angel of God

Qui custos es mei          Who is my guard
Hodie protege me.        Protect me today


Watch o’er my life, Protector,

Steady my course ahead

Heavenly guard from God’s command


“Do not fear, or be dismayed.  All my Angels guard you!”


Nothing in all Creation can separate us from Your love.

Voicing: SATB, piano


Premiered by First Congregational UCC Chancel Choir (Eau Claire, WI) on May 15, 2024

Status: Unpublished


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