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As children we struggle to recognize the strength, power, and love our mother/mother figures provide for us.  They taught us the basics and complexities of life, all while providing whatever they could for us.  As we mature, we identify the sacrifices they made for us to have everything we could dream.  The opening line "Backward, turn backward, O Time, in your flight, Make me a child again just for tonight!" immediately identifies the yearning to return back to a time where we can appreciate the care of our mothers provide for us.  

I feel we can all identify a time in our lives where we wish we could turn back the clock to fully appreciate a moment we took for granted.  This piece is a response to Elizabeth Allen's text, which so poignantly identifies that state of emotion.  While one can sit and feel overwhelmed by these emotions, "Rock Me to Sleep" is upbeat, recognizing the appreciation and gratefulness we wish to show towards our mothers.



Voicing: SSA with Piano and Djembe


Status: Unpublished

Written for the North Richland Hills Varsity Treble Choir for their 2018 TMEA/SWACDA performances

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