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Song to the Tide, written and dedicated to the OSU Saxophone Octet, is primarily a study in melody and harmony.  The primary melody (heard first in the Sop. Sax) is a melody of yearning, heightened by the answer (harmony) of the second Sop. Sax.  As waves crash endlessly onto beaches and banks their boundaries are limited by the moon’s control of the tide.  I see the waves desiring to know what exists beyond their highest tide and yearn with curiosity.  The exchange and ebb of parts reflects the lapping on the shore, while the melodies stir the waters and create longing.

Tempo changes and densities in texture mimic the tides various emotional states – reflected in fast tempos and stirring lines, slower tempos and thin textures, and beautiful dissonant intervals that create the yearning felt by the tide.







Instrumentation: Saxophone Octet (2 Soprano Sax., 2 Alto Sax., 2 Tenor Sax., 2 Baritone Sax.)

Premiered by the Oklahoma State University Saxophone Octet at the 2016 Midwest Clinic

Status: Unpublished

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