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While there are groups that leave a lasting mark on us, there are also individuals who do the same.  For me, I was fortunate to grow up with someone who enjoyed music and composition as much as I did.  This particular person also pushed me, musically, and challenged by abilities, and I did the same for her.  A person who was strong in her faith, she showed me the poetry that was the book of Philippians.  It was just gorgeous biblical writing that cried to be set to music, so I did just that.  While English can convey meaning, I thought that it would be far more poetic to set the piece in Italian.  I began the piece while in high school and finished at half way through my sophomore year in college.  This was the longest I had ever spent on a piece.  Primarily, I needed to let it sit and let me and the music develop more before I finished it.  I was fortunate enough to have the piece premiered by the Concert Choir at UW-Eau Claire.  It was rare to have a student work performed by this ensemble, nonetheless, by a person who was in it for the first time.  The choir rose the challenge (seeing as the piece was not simple) and went above and beyond my expectations.  This also became my first published piece.  So, this particular piece holds a special spot in my heart.   


Voicing: SATB with Divisi a cappella

Premiered by Concert Choir, Dr. Gary Schwartzhoff, director (University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire)

Status: Published by Colla Voce Music, LLC 

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