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There are few places that feel good to return to.  Some of us are fortunate enough to come back to where we grow and feel the same warmth and welcome we did as children.  Coming home is a celebration of where we have crystallized the roots of who we are.  Growing up in a smaller town in western Wisconsin, I didn't appreciate the safety, security, and the comfort my hometown provided me.  Now seeing a flourishing community every time I return, it is always a warm welcome (even in the cold of winter) to be in a place that holds such familiarity.  We are not all as fortunate to experience this.  Home has also come to mean a place where my own roots have begun to set down.  Even if for a short period of time, it's easy to find warmth and comfort in new places that make you feel at home in a new city.



Voicing: SATB, piano


Status: Unpublished

Written for the Richland HS Chorale (North Richland Hills, TX)

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