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One of the things that continually tugs at me is writing music that is accessible for high school ensembles.  I started composing when I was in high school and wrote a few pieces for the choir I sang in.  Since that time, I have gotten away from that writing style or accessibility.  Herb Berendsen, Oshkosh West choral director, approached me about writing a piece for the Chorale at high school.  I eagerly jumped at the opportunity to write a piece for a high school ensemble.  It brought me right back to that time when I began writing.  I also knew that I wanted to set the text "In Pace".  I had come across the text from a setting done by Rene Clausen.  That particular setting had a depth and emotion to it that was surreal for such a little amount of text.  Additionally, what made it more interesting was that that text was completely secular until the ending ("Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto").

Voicing: SATB with divisi a cappella

Premiered by the Oshkosh West High School Chorale, Herb Berendsen, director (Oshkosh, WI)

Status: Published by Colla Voce Music, LLC

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