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Many composers intend on touching others with their music.  When I start a piece, I try to envision how it will affect an audience or the performers.


When asked to do this arrangement for the Women's Concert Chorale (WoCo) at UW-Eau Claire, I knew instantly that this piece needed to and would be special for multiple reasons.  One, I had sung an arrangement of this piece at the end of my undergraduate career and was connected instantly by the message of the piece.  Two, my sister was in the Women's Concert Chorale and knowing that she would be embarking on her first international tour with a choral ensemble made this piece all the more special.

The Parting Glass is a traditional Scottish song that is primarily used in Irish tradition.  Since WoCo would be traveling to Ireland, it seemed appropriate to arrange this piece.  The whole idea of the song is that when we leave a place or depart as a group, though it may be sad, we are happy for the time we had together and spent in this place.  

This arrangement was received incredibly well overseas.  News articles were being written, videos were shared on social media by those who heard these women sing the piece throughout Ireland.  







Voicing: SSA, a cappella


Premiered by the Women's Concert Chorale, Dr. J. Michele Edwards, conductor (Eau Claire, WI)


Status: Unpublished

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