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Winter often times is associated with feelings of lethargy and dread - shorter days, less light, and colder weather.  Amidst these common feelings lies a beauty to these months - celebration, contemplation, and mystery.  Winter brings us time to reflect as we spend more time indoors, a time to celebrate the end of another year spent together, and mystery about what happens in these periods of hibernation.

Inspiration for these three works were taken by from secular elements within the month to bring forth these three ideas for this underrated season of our lives.



I. Celebration

Come, sing and dance

The snow falls from above

a new season comes to us

Come celebrate

Winter calls to us

The snow covers us

Soft, shimmering, and bright

Come, sing and dance

The snow is falling from above

A new season comes to us

II. Meditation

The frozen lake reflects more than

it’s cold and distant past.

I see through winter’s hollow shine

and feel a summer wind inside.


Shine, O Shine


The veil that steals the warmth in a wind that blows down from the north.

 I feel its icy hold upon my heart in this snow.  


O sun, pierce through the dark and shine bright on these dimmed sparks. 

Renew our souls and make all of us whole.


Shine, O Shine



III. Night Dance


The wind sings all night

backward and forward

“Come, dance in our song”


The midnight sun shines bright.

Forest shadows dance all night.

Winter wind sing all us to sleep






Voicing: SSATB a cappella, percussion


Status: Unpublished

Veni, saltare et cantare

Nix cadit desuper

A tempore ad nos


Venit celebramus

Vocat nos ad hiems

Nix tegit nobis

Mollis, meridiana et clara

Veni, saltare et cantare

Nix non cadit desuper

A tempore ad nos

Nocte vento canit.

Ante et retro.

“Veni, saltare in canticum"


Nocte sol lucet.

Silva tenebras noctem lusibus.

Ventus cano bruma fugit omnes nos

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