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This arrangement is study in melody and juxtaposition of ideas.  The first idea centers on love (The Water is Wide).  The inital melody and idea is to close the distance between two people who share their lives with each other.  While "the water is wide", they are willing to go the extra mile to reach them ("Build me a boat that can carry two").  


The paradox of simplicity rests in how difficult it is to create it. Love is one of those simplicities. Its complexity and intricacy captures us when we experience it. However, we are not all fortunate to always keep that love in our life. Sometimes love finds us when we least expect it only to have it leave us as quickly as it arrived. This particular arrangement accentuates the simple melody through unison lines and accompaniment with constant tension and release.


The counter melody represents the perspective we encounter through love. The simple melody we encountered in the beginning has morphed into another melody we wouldn’t have encountered without the initial melody. At the apex of the work, we have arrived at the height of our love. Both lines join together to create a sonic tapestry sewn together by a descant line. However that love is only to leave as quickly, tragically, and beautifully as it arrived, ending in unison.








Voicing: SSA with Piano


Premiered by Cantamus at Oklahoma State University, Reagan Pool, graduate conductor (Stillwater, OK)


Status: Unpublished

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