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As an artist, it's important for my work to be accessible to all musicians.  In my studies with Z. Randall Stroope we discussed the necessity to write music with two- and three-parts.  There are more ensembles  ranging from grades K-12, that wish the have the same access to quality new music as those who desire it at an advance level.  When a good friend, Derek Machan approached me about writing for one of his ensembles, I asked which one he would probably have the most difficulty getting.  Without hesitation he said his men's choir.  Knowing this would be a great opportunity and artistic challenge, I jumped at the chance to write a two-part men's piece that not only excited the singers but allowed for vocal coaching and development for adolescent male singers.  

This work uses melody and rhythm to captivate and excite male choruses and directors.





Voicing: TB and Piano

Premiered by the men of Intermezzo (Waterford HS, Derek Machan, director)

Status: Published by Carl Fischer 

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