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Growing up in Wisconsin, I spent a great amount of time at the family cabin.  Located in northern Wisconsin, the landscape is vast and aged.  The trees line the roads and almost every part around the cabin.  Their size is immense, marvelous, and majestic - having been there for hundreds of years.  When I began this piece, I was unaware of the poet's connection to Wisconsin, but after I found out, I felt more connected to the music knowing we shared an appreciation for Wisconsin's beautiful landscape.

The melody is playful and whimsical, taking note from the text and imitating the winding nature of branches.  The piano is representative of the roots - dense and providing foundation, while the flute imitates the leaves atop the trees, blowing in the wind.  








Premiered by Cantamus (Oklahoma State University)

Voicing: SSA, piano and flute

Status: Unpublished

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