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The aurora borealis has fascinated mankind for centuries.  Imagine bearing witness to this terrifyingly beautiful phenomenon for the first time.  How wondrous a sight, have lights dancing in great beauty above our heads.  

Mikhail Lomonosov, a Russian mathematician, scientist, and writer, transformed the written Russian language through his work as a poet.  As a scientist, we was responsible for the discovery of Venus' atmosphere.  His writings, then about his observations of the Northern Lights and their reflection of God's work, are reflected in this poem, "An Evening Reflection Upon God's Grandeur Prompted by the Great Northern Lights".   

This overarching idea of this work is a pondering of the Northern Lights and our curiosity and fascination with them.  However, in the end, we can sometimes do nothing more than appreciate the Earth's phenomena and wonder of the universe.







Voicing: SSAA with Piano


Status: Unpublished

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