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THE SOUL'S WAR (O Salutaris Hostia)


We are faced with a host of pressures and burdens in our day to day lives.  At times, we can feel as if they are too much to deal with.  The internal struggle between peace and war with ourselves affects how we journey through life.


The text is a juxtaposition of that human expression.   O Salutaris Hostia pleads for saving from the war that presses on within.  It's outpouring of emotion from the internal struggle.


O salutaris Hostia,

Quae cæli pandis ostium:

Bella premunt hostilia,

Da robur, fer auxilium.


O saving Victim, opening wide

The gate of Heaven to us below;

Our foes press hard on every side;

Thine aid supply; thy strength bestow.



The second text comes from Psalm 51.  Most notably set by Gregorio Allegri, this pulls excerpts from the psalm, in order to capture the internal struggle.  Desperately wanting to absolved from their sins to feel alleviated from the world.  


Averte faciem tuam a peccatis meis: et omnes iniquitates meas dele.
Et a peccato meo munda me.


Turn Thy face from my sins: and put out all my misdeeds.

and cleanse me from my sin.








Voicing: SATB div., a cappella


To be premiered by Oak Creek High School, Sam Wulterkens and Gillian Pacetti, directors (Oak Creek, WI)


Status: Unpublished

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