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When we consider the commitments we have in our day to day lives, we often do not acknowledge our personal or emotional vows.  We consider the vows we hear at weddings the strongest emotional commitment we can make.  It seems strange to make an opposition to that dedication and promise to another individual, but often times we are not hurt as deeply as we are loved.  The anonymous text speaks openly to that opposition.  The author's expression of how they had loved and had pledged themselves emotionally to them now encounters a change of heart. He/she is trying to hard to remove the heaviness of heartbreak and struggling in doing so.  In spite of their efforts, the emotional connection to this individual is strong enough cause suffering after the two have parted.








Voicing: SATB with Piano


Premiered by Chant Claire Chamber Choir, Benjamin Bedroske, director (Milwaukee, WI)


Status: Unpublished

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